Impact of Be the Peace- Be the Hope

 We use multiple methods to assess learning and outcomes. The methods we employ are both qualitative and quantitative and they include: surveys, statistics, observations, videos, photographs, and testimonials from students, teachers, facilitators, and coordinators.  

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Activating social awareness to invite cooperation and partnership in students’ everyday lives.

Through our impact assessments we measured Up to:

  • 25% increase in resilience,
  • 20% increase in respect, safety and relationships
  • 10% increase in self-efficacy and creativity, 
  • 60% decrease in anxiety and depression. 


Elijah Morales


Emerson Elementary

"Be the Peace-Be the Hope is a calm place for me. I liked that we to draw to show how we were feeling. I learned that it is okay to share. Before BTPBTH I used to get in trouble but now I am calm and get in less trouble."

Eileen McGowan, Community Outreach Director


Liberty High School 

"BTPBTH has provided means for creative, nonthreatening healing to our young adults. Verbal techniques (with interpreters, so no one is excluded), artistic expressions, problem solving through storytelling and gentle consistent validation are BTPBTH's well thought out supports. The students who have attended have shown interest and respect for each other, as they realize they are part of a wonderful collaboration that empowers emotional support for all participants. Harvey's collateral damage will continually surface for many years, but thankfully, with cooperation from BTPBTH, Liberty students will have a more stable emotional foundation to combat any instability Harvey created."

Karista Williams, Math Department Chair


Sugar Grove Academy

"I am impressed the way our new students are doing in my class. They are expressive of how they feel and shows respect to their peers. Even if they speak in broken English, the little confidence they have before, exceeds my expectation in the past three weeks.What are you all doing in your program that made a difference with these children?"

Hope in Action

Max was a student in this past summer's BTPBTH program in Houston, in partnership with iEducate,  in June, 2017.


At the beginning of the BTPBTH program, Max was a very guarded, timid student who said he was bullied a lot and was even hiding under the classroom desk. Through the program he found hope and confidence; he even started sharing these values with others in his classroom. In the link below, we share the story about Max giving hope to his fellow classmates. 

Tree of Hope

BTPBTH students creating their very own Tree of Hope!

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