Many Faces, One Hope

Be the Peace – Be the Hope is led and supported by

1- An international team of educators, therapists, artists, social workers, and community advocates.
2- Decades of combined experience in the educational, healing art, self-development, and community development fields.

3- A collective of prominent Houston and International organizations including NGOs; Cultural Institutions; Community and Artistic non-profits; Private Institutions: IEDA Relief, UNA-USA, Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, Volunteer Houston, FotoFest International, David Lynch Foundation, HISD, CFISD, Harris County Public Library, City of Houston, Innovate At Work, The Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences…•

Our Core Team & Advisors

Karine Parker-Lemoyne

Founder & Program Director, BTPBTH

​Executive & Program Director, TFAA

Noël Bezette-Flores

Co-Founder, BTPBTH
CEO, Innovate at Work

Mariam E. Haddad

Outreach, BTPBTH​ 

CEO and Founder, 

Performance English

Eisha Khan

Communication & Outreach, BTPBTH

UNA-UHD Founder

John W. Price

Advisor, BTPBTH​
Psychotherapist, Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences 

Curry Glassell

Advisor, BTPBTH​

 Facilitator, Access Bars

Cynthia Ouedraogo

Project Educator, BTPBTH

Dimitri Pilenko

HR Support, BTPBTH

Brooke Summers Perry

Project Educator, BTPBTH

NVC specialist

Naiyolis Palomo

Project Educator, BTPBTH

Amanda Howard

Project Educator, BTPBTH

Michael Martin

Project Educator, BTPBTH